Ovi Maps 3D: The World is Not Flat - Nokia Conversations

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  1. conversations.nokia.com - Ovi Maps 3D: The World is Not Flat - Nokia Conversations - Now, Nokia and C3 will impress all the Ovi Maps for web users. Try our 3d maps out now!
  2. here.com - HERE - City and Country Maps - Driving Directions - Satellite Views - Routes - Maps 3D.
  3. mynokiablog.com - Ovi Maps 3D – a whole lotta wow : My Nokia Blog - Well Nokia have made good on that promise, announcing their ovi maps 3d beta for browsers everywhere. Imagine google maps 3d on steroids and you should have a pretty idea of what the entire furor is about.
  4. www.gearthblog.com - The new Ovi Maps 3D vs. Google Earth - Google Earth Blog - All in all, it’s a solid first effort and certainly is something to keep an eye on, especially as they expand their 3d coverage and begin to offer an API of some kind. Go check it out at maps.ovi.com/3d and see what you think, or check out their promo video below to see more
  5. www.engadget.com - Nokia launches Ovi Maps 3D beta, challenges Google Earth as your virtual tour guide of choice - Then look no further than Nokia's just launched beta version of Ovi Maps 3D. Thanks to some software wizardry and mysterious mapping know-how, it's now able to display cities in a new 3d view that you're able to zoom in and around to your heart's content.
  6. maptd.com - Ovi Maps 3D | maptd - Nokia has announced the launch of an impressive new 3d virtual globe – Ovi Maps 3D. The application runs directly in the web browser, through a downloadable browser plugin, integrating with the OVI Maps 2d service.
  7. thetekblogger.com - Ovi Maps 3D - The Tek Blogger - Note: there are a couple of places where it looks like the screen has gone blank and the panning “stutters”, but this is not the Ovi Maps 3D, it’s my graphics card playing up, so hopefully when you try your self it works a lot better!
  8. www.symbian-freak.com - It’s Official: 3D Models Of Metropolitan Areas On Ovi Maps - "Ovi Maps' photorealistic 3d models of metropolitan areas are a significant step towards our vision of bridging the real and virtual world, with location-based services being the glue," said Michael Halbherr, senior vice president, Nokia.
  9. www.electronista.com - Nokia beta tests Ovi Maps 3D for Macs, PCs | Electronista - Nokia ovi maps 3d live for the web. Nokia has quietly trotted out a beta version of Ovi Maps 3D. The browser-based app renders a true 3D, textured version of a map with buildings, landscapes, and other key points going down in some cases to the individual tree level.
  10. www.intomobile.com - Nokia Launches Ovi Maps with 3D Photorealistic Images - Nokia has just enhanced its Ovi Maps service with photorealistic 3d images of major metropolitan areas. It’s one thing to look at a colored rendering, perhaps even some distant satellite views...
  11. www.techradar.com - Nokia launches 'photorealistic' 3D maps on Ovi Maps | News | TechRadar - The new three-dimensional topography is only available on the web version of Ovi Maps, however, so don't go running to your Nokia N8 to check it out. While 3d mapping isn't exactly new – google maps and Bing Maps have both offered three dimensions for some time...
  12. www.geek.com - Nokia’s Ovi Maps 3D takes on Google Maps, looks good doing it | Mobile | Geek.com - The new service offers stunningly realistic three-dimensional views of major cities around the globe, and it’s a lot of fun to explore. You’ll need to install the ovi maps 3d plug-in, and you’ll also need to be using a supported browser.
  13. www.slashgear.com - Nokia unveils Ovi Maps 3D for web users - SlashGear - Nokia has announced a cool new update to Ovi Maps that adds 3d view to the maps so a user can get a better understanding of the "feel" of a place. nokia maps 3d sounds lot like Google Earth to me. Nokia claims that the maps are very realistic and all the buildings, parks...
  14. thetechjournal.com - Ovi's Maps Are Now 3D - ovimaps 3d for ipad nokia 3d maps ubuntu 3d map prague ovis maps nokia maps.ovi.com.3d.
  15. www.arcticstartup.com - Be A Virtual Tourist As Nokia Ovi Maps Go 3D - I haven’t used Ovi Maps, simply for the fact I haven’t quite liked using Nokia Maps at all, but playing around with the beta of ovi maps 3d - I am beginning to like it. It sort of stitches the Street View with Google Earth in a slightly more navigable way.
  16. www.geeky-gadgets.com - Nokia's Ovi Maps 3D Beta Going Up Against Google Earth - Espoo (not as cool as Cupertino or Redmond, but we’re trying it out just the same, go with it) is coming out swinging with an update to Ovi Maps that uses Navteq maps and high resolution photos to give you a bird’s eye view of any place you care to type into a search box.
  17. www.maplandia.com - Ovi Map | Estonia Google Satellite Maps - See Ovi photos and images from satellite below, explore the aerial photographs of Ovi in Estonia. Ovi hotels map is available on the target page linked above.
  18. freegeographytools.com - Nokia Ovi Maps In 3D - The lack of data layers, the inability to add your own data, the browser-only viewing options, and the clunky interface put Ovi 3d Maps behind Google Earth in overall usability.
  19. www.businesswire.com - C3 Technologies 3D Cities Now Part Of Nokia Ovi Maps | Business Wire - Starting today, photorealistic 3d cities from C3 Technologies, the leading provider of 3d mapping solutions, are now available on Ovi Maps, Nokia’s free mapping and location service.
  20. blog.gsmarena.com - Ovi Maps grows photo-realistic 3D buildings, desktop-only for now - GSMArena Blog - I wouldn’t quite call it photo-realistic, but it’s certainly impressive… The new 3d models can be seen using the ovi maps 3d browser plug-in (requires a fairly modern browser, say, IE7 and above). Once you install it, you can check out 21 cities.


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