NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein

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  1. - NUKEMAP by Alex Wellerstein - Note that you can drag the target marker after you have detonated the nuke. Created by Alex Wellerstein, 2012-2013. For more odd nuclear stuff, follow @wellerstein on Twitter.
  2. - Nuke Map | Kazakhstan Google Satellite Maps - Welcome to the Nuke google satellite map! This place is situated in Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan, its geographical coordinates are 49° 47' 0" North, 80° 26' 0" East and its original name (with diacritics) is Nuke.
  3. - New Google Earth Hack Lets You Nuke Any City in Devastating 3D - google maps Hack Allows You to Nuke Any City In One Click.
  4. - Nuke - 3D Warehouse Search - Nuke by GTMSAW21. big black nuke.
  5. - Tsar Bomba Crater - largest nuke detonated (Google Maps) - Virtual Globetrotting - Download to Google Earth (KML). Submit location to VirtualGlobetrotting.
  6. - Ground Zero: Google Maps and Nuclear Weapons - Ground Zero. This app shows the thermal damage caused by a nuclear explosion. Search for a place, pick a suitable weapon and press "Nuke It!"
  7. - Google Maps Mania: Nuke That Google Map - Would I Survive a Nuke? is another little google maps application that allows you to see the likely effect of a nuclear bomb falling on any location.
  8. - 3d_aim_nuke - CS 1.6 map • CS-bg - The website is a property of the bulgarian Counter-Strike fansite, focused entirely on providing users with wide selection of maps to play on.
  9. - Nukemap3d News, Videos, Reviews and Gossip - io9 - The results, which are shown in Google Earth generated maps, are truly horrifying.
  10. - GoogleBig » Archive » Nuke the World in 3d - Blowing things up in 3d – that’s what. Alex Wellerstein’s new app, NukeMap3D, uses the Google Earth browser plug-in to allow users to detonate nuclear bombs on their chosen location and view the effect in glorious 3d.
  11. - NUKEMAP - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
  12. - NUKEMAP Uses Google Maps API To Let You Blow Up The Outside World | WebProNews - While all of those are impressive, none are quite as ambitious as NUKEMAP, an interactive Google Map that lets you select any city and nuke the absolute hell out of it.
  13. - NukeMap3D brings nuclear apocalypse to Google Earth | Crave - CNET - CNET Site Map. Corrections.
  14. - Nukes / Google Maps / NOT funny! - get on YOU'RE knees bitch!! Like that man???
  15. - kinda (google-) map for Nuke - any chance to get this done - fairly new to Nuke - i need a kinda (google-)map for Nuke - any chance to get this done!? see the demo here: well you see - this is not really a Google-Map.
  16. - Google Maps 5 Offers 3D Maps and Offline Mode - Google May Nuke Plan for Subscription Music.
  17. - nukemap Archives - Google Earth Blog - Google Earth/Maps has been used to show the location of nuclear bombs and map out nuclear disaster potential for a while now. Alex Wellerstein's NukeMap was a very popular tool, and now he's back … [Read more...]
  18. - Google Maps and Mapquest nuke HTTP access for entire LAN? - For some reason, 2 out of 3 times that I bring up directions in mapquest or google maps, it freezes halfway through loading the map, with several map sectors showing only blank grey squares, and completely nukes web access for the entire LAN.
  19. - AtomKraft, by Jupiter Jazz - Realistic Metals with AtomMetal. Realistic lighting with the new AtomEnvironment. Vector Displacement Maps from Mudbox with AtomDisplacement.
  20. - Blocks: Google maps API block for Nuke 8.1 - Posted in PHP-Nuke Blocks. Re: google maps API block for Nuke 8.1 (Score: 1) by iraq3 on Wednesday, August 17 @ 16:40:30 CEST (User Info ).


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