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  1. - Arduino - Links - Other Examples and Tutorials. Learn electronics using Arduino: an introduction to programming, input / output, communication, etc. using Arduino. By ladyada.
  2. - Smart homes and X-10 home automation - Introduction and overview - If you're one of these people, you're route to a smart home is more likely to be through the hacker, maker, DIY community, maybe using something like an Arduino microcontroller to link your computer to...
  3. - Arduino Robot | eBay - New Motor Smart Robot Car Chassis Kit Speed Encoder Battery Box For Arduino ESY1.
  4. - Smart Home Meetup Groups - Meetup - Let's meet to discuss and demo startup ideas, technologies, and hacks related to the Internet of Things (IoT) including Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, Tessels, Nests, smart home devices, sensors, etc.
  5. - Make Smart Home Lighting System With Arduino And Android | ITead Intelligent Systems Blog - Stay tuned, we will release a new ITEAD Intelligent Switch Arduino library for users who would like to DIY their samrt home lighting system, and publish the control center app as well.
  6. - Smart home automation webserver on OpenWRT router WR703N interfaced to Arduino, compared to Raspberry Pi and Ubuntu - With Ethernet shield can make IP-controlled power outlet for your home server remote reboot. I have written also Instructable about Arduino AVR webserver.
  7. - - smart home system.
  8. - arduino-home-automation - Project to create a completely scalable smart home solution with Arduino - Google Project Hosting - - NTP server. Hardware: - Arduino Uno. - Ethernet shield based On Wiznet W5100 Ethernet.
  9. - Souliss - get in touch with your Things: Turn your Arduino into a Smart Home product - The activity around smart homing and diyers isn't new and lot of code before Souliss was releases even as open or...
  10. - arduino robot | Got Free Shipping? United States - Arduino Smart Car Robot Plastic Tire Wheel + DC Gear Motor For DIY.
  11. - Smart Home Project with ThingSpeak, Arduino, chipKIT, and Drupal « ThingSpeak Community - As their final project, the team built a working model of a smart home using sensors connected to ThingSpeak cloud services via Arduino and chipKit.
  12. - Smart Home Automation with Linux and Raspberry Pi: Steven Goodwin: 9781430258872: Books - Set up a home network, for both network and audio/video traffic. Learn how to incorporate Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and even lego Mindstorms into your smart home.
  13. - Convenient Smart Home, Convenient Smart Home Products, Convenient Smart Home Suppliers and Manufacturers at - ARDUINO MEGA Sensor Shield V2.0 electronic building blocks for sensor convenient smart home.
  14. - SainSmart Specializing in Arduino compatible development boards and modules, oscilloscopes and other electronics. - Based on the design of the Arduino Micro, the SainSmart MIDuino featuring a MIDI In and Out port supports the widely applied music effector.
  15. - pcDuino, Arduino, Raspberry pi, open source hardware - pcDuino, Arduino, Raspberry pi, open source hardware - Smart Home - Top » Catalog » Smart Home. Displaying 1 to 4 (of 4 articles). Result Pages: 1.
  16. - BlueVia | Maintenance - Telefonica/BlueVia Arduino shield.
  17. - Vera™ Smarter Home Control - Vera is the Simplest Way to Control Your Home. Anytime. Anywhere. No Monthly Fees. No Contracts. No Hassles. Smart Home, Made Easy!
  18. - Arduino-home-automation - Project to create a completely scalable smart home solution with Arduino - An open source home automation system with a Linux supervisor (central control) and Arduino/Arduino-work-alikes remotes.
  19. - Smartdust - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia -
  20. - IOT, AVL, Smart Home, AAL, M2M and M2M2P on Arduino - Can we use it for a smart home gateway? » IOT, AVL, Smart Home, AAL, M2M and M2M2P on Arduino. By Harald Naumann - Last updated: Monday, November 28, 2011 - Save & Share.


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